Saturday, January 29, 2005

"Putting my head through a wall," or, "What I'd rather do than inservice"

Yes, it's that time again, the time that all teachers look forward to with mixed emotions: INSERVICE!

Mixed because, one, we're not with the kids, so in a way that's a break. Two, however, is where the mix comes in, as ever since these things have been in existence, they've (pretty much) been largely worthless. I'm thoroughly convinced that somewhere, etched into a cave wall somewhere, there are primitive diagrams from caveman teacher inservice on how to achieve maximum learner mastery in spearing a mastodon while teaching students with different learning styles, or something like that. Several feet away from this revolutionary archeological find, I expect to see, on the ground, the small, pool-shaped indentations of the drool puddles from those poor neanderthals made to suffer through this who, unfortunately, just couldn't make it through and nodded off.

One good thing coming out of the time "spent" at inservice, though; another young, male teacher is looking to make a move to a better-paying, professional position that will make use of his Spanish abilities. We swapped some leads (job fair in February, a good website to post résumés on). The job switch comes, not because I don't like teaching (I most certainly do), but because we'd like Audra to stay home, if possible, and that can't happen if I'm teaching...and if I have to do other work along with teaching, I will have no life and family in name only, basically. So huzzah for leads!

Baby Gender Findout Day postponed (boo!). Feb. 8th will now be the day, as Mr. Sonogram only comes in once a week to the Dr.'s office. Ah, well.

Thought sparked by Ps. 51 (50 LXX), emph mine: "Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation, and steady me with a guiding spirit. Then will I teach transgressors thy ways, and the impious shall be converted unto thee." Joy and steadiness in the Faith before witness. How often we see folks (like me) who get so serious when they talk about churchy or spiritual things, who see their witness as one argument after another! And how often we preach without the necessary practice of virtue! What a great example folks like St. Innocent Veniaminov and Herman of Alaska are, along w/St. Nicholas of Japan; through their holy example they gave life to those who did not have it. Pray for us, holy missionary fathers!


Later that evening:

Along the same lines as my last thought, a quote from a really good article from Father Joseph Huneycutt's blog ORTHODIXIE:

There is much work to be done if we are to introduce True Christianity into this wayward society of ours. Yet if we’re too full of zeal to convert out neighbor, chances are we’ve neglected God in the process. Christ said, "Love God. Love your neighbor." Some have interpreted this to mean, "Convert your neighbor and God will love you."
Very well said; in the words of St. Herman, let us love God above all.

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