Friday, October 21, 2005

A Hard Week and a Half

Been a while since I've posted. There's been a lot that's happened...tonight's the first night I've been able to sit down in a while and get online. Our AC unit, which had been giving us hints a while back that it was on its last leg, finally gave up the ghost last Thursday. As this is TX, that's not a good thing. So--thank God for family--we stayed at my aunt and uncle's house through Tuesday morning, which was the earliest they could come and install a new unit (the old one was installed in '86. Yeah. That's old.). No internet at their house, and no ability to post at school. Ah, well.

Add to this lovely complication--isn't it amazing how living out of someone else's house and having to shuttle stuff back and forth puts a cramp in your life?--the fact that I am one of the lead sponsors of our school's sophomore class and that this past week was homecoming, and you have one tired dude. Had to decorate our hall, which meant a week and a half of staying after school, facilitating student work days, storing and moving materials, and putting it all up (with the help of a VERY dedicated core group of students) last night. Now, this would have been difficult regardless. HOWEVER! We--Trimble Technical High School--share a building with a night school who (of course!) had chosen this week to administer the state's standardized tests and (again, of course!) would be using my room to administer said test after school. So--once again feeling the pain of shuttling materials from one place to another because of an unforseen event (we had not been notified by our administrators that the other school would do this, though they'd known for weeks prior)--we moved all the decorations we'd done down to the other head sponsor (who, of course, is on the first floor while I am on the fourth. Joy).

I am happy to say that, small and inconsequential a victory though it may be, we did, in fact, win the competition for best class hall decorations. Now my life can resume its more-or-less normal pattern.

Just in time for another surprise. Hoo boy.


Mimi said...

Oh my goodness, that's a serious amount of stuff on your plate!

Glad you have the AC back, and glad life has settled back to normal!

This decorating the hall - my son's school does that, I'd never seen it before Back to School night. Kind of interesting.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know that other schools are about as orgnized as mine. Really, it does help me know as a novice teacher that I'm really not just being forgotten about when things don't get done or get forgotten about...or any of the other myriad of things that happen daily.