Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Hope Elizabeth Pics!

Stacy commented on Hope Elizabeth in the last post's comments section just as I was updating said site! Click on "this little one" in my profile, then go to "December and Christmas 05" to see the most recent stuff.

Oh, and Stacy...Vladyka (Abp. +DMITRI) is doing great as always, thanks be to God. How are you acquainted with him?


Stacy said...

The very last picture, "Bath time in Kentucky" is my favorite.

I met ArchBishop DMITRI on a trip to Text with Fr. Mark when we attended a missions conference this past February. He was such a delight! He took us to dinner and I was so delighted by his company. I remember that we went to a mexican restaurant and he started speaking in perfect Spanish with all the waitstaff. We could have looked like quite a daunting crew with all those men in black robes but his personality undid any intimidation anyone must have felt. He left a wake of smiles where ever we went.

Stacy said...

What kind of typo is "trip to Text." Ugh! Make that "...a trip to Texas..." Good grief!

Mimi said...

She is so adorable, and very expressive. Thanks for the new photos!

Anonymous said...

The girls and I just spent about 20 minutes looking at the pictures of Hope. They had a ball. They kept pointing to different pictures and just giggling away. Now Zarah is pretending to be a baby. They were glad to put a face with the bib.


Aaron said...


I like the look and feel of the new blog! But I don't like having to edit your link. See how lazy i am.

Great pics...your daughter is a cutie.

This last Sunday we had our espiscopal visit and i posted a couple of pics of Juliana with Bishop Joseph...i found it funny that you had done the same.

Blessed Theophany!

Ian said...

Absolutely adorable: they grow fast, don't they?