Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hopko Lectures at the 2006 Diocese of the South Diocesan Assembly

I was blessed to be able to attend said Assembly last week, and, after a hierarchical Divine Liturgy, sat in on a talk by Fr. Thomas Hopko. Even more blessed was I, however, when Fr. Basil told me last night after daily vespers that four of Fr. Tom's other talks have been put online in mp3 format, available for streaming listening and/or download!

What I've listened to so far is classic Fr. Tom (read: that means real, real good), and it can all be found here, thanks to St. John the Wonderworker in Atlanta.


Ian said...

Thank you for these. I have heard a few talks by Fr Hopko, CDs made of his two visits out here to Oz, and they are real, real good.

Nice to see the Psalm commentary back as well: thank you.

Mimi said...

What a blessing.

RW said...

Thank you very much. We had the joy of having Fr. Thomas here in Langley almost two years ago... I could listen to him for hours... my husband has gone fishing; my children are swimming - it is perfect timing.

Joshua said...

These were awesome. I was speaking to a priest-friend from the Diocese of the South right after he got back from the assembly and he was telling me how good the talks were. I'm glad I got to hear them. Thanks for posting the link.