Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Thank you all for praying. I was feeling better last Thursday, though I still stayed home. Now this week is taken up not only with bringing some sense of normalcy back to the class--just in time for Thanksgiving Break next week! Yay!--but with correcting the truncated version of grades that had to be submitted since I was too weak from illness to finish off the grades as I would have liked.

Also...Kaylyn has been removed from my roll sheet. I have not heard if she has been found or not.

A few weeks back, a bunch of us at St. Barbara's went to Mineral Wells State Park for our annual fall retreat. A good time was had by all; we had everything from fishing in the lake (which also provided a lovely chilly wind at night that blew right into each campsite, glory to God for all things...), to BBQ dinners over the fire and s'mores for dessert (not to mention late - into - the - night talks over Shiner Bocks re: everything from faith to politics to hobbies...good times...), to readers' vespers that, though they be chanted into the wind and the tones be mixed up every so often, were still the center of the evening and an excellent "point of contact" for all of us to touch base and put everything in context: to remember the One who created all these things around us "in wisdom."

I'm biased, I know, but our little sweetheart had the time of her little life crawling around the rocks...y'all pray for us; we've got a real explorer on our hands.

The whole gang; it's nothing short of a miracle this one picture came out with everybody visible. We had to leave early due to Hope's not feeling well, but overall it was a highly enjoyable weekend.

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Byzantine Dixie said...

That must have been one nasty strep infection. Glad you are back on your feet again.