Saturday, October 25, 2008

End of a Drought?


Last year, more or less around this time of year, I took an intentional hiatus from the blog. Such was not the case this year. Mostly it away from me. That and, truth be told, I needed to develop more of a habit of doing other things first, which is good. So the time away hasn't been all bad. Still, I've missed it, unlike during my time away last year. Doubt that anyone lost any sleep over my absence, but I apologize for so abruptly bowing out without warning nonetheless...

I'll put the Psalm underneath this so the "Reading Order" stays convenient for the two of you out there who so kindly have kept me clinging to (no doubt) the bottom of your RSS feeds...

Let's see...Kate is walking. More of a cross between stomping and Johnny Depp, Capt. Jack Sparrow sauntering. Saying Mommy, Papi, Hopey and various other sundry family names, plus familiar household words. Baby signs, once again, have proven invaluable. Potty training has begun, and there was great rejoicing.

Hope, I swear, has a redneck streak in 'er. Cleaning up one afternoon in our open-concept kitchen, I hear a phrase (which I had not taught my daughter) that will send chills up and down the spine of any southern father "in the know," a phrase you hope never to hear from your progeny:

"Hey, y'all, watch this!"

(Good things seldom follow this phrase, and, with the passage of the years and attaining of drinking age (14-16 years in some southern locales), it becomes "Y'all hold mah beer an' watchiss." Famous. Last. Redneck. Words. But I digress.)

I look up to see Hope standing on her rocking chair, which she has moved next to our recliner. Through the opening in our open-concept kitchen, I peer helplessly from the kitchen into the living room only to see my child -- at this point in sloooooow moooootiooooonnn -- jump and flip (flip!!) onto the recliner. Stunt was, of course, followed by a thrilled grin and cackle, both from her and from onlooking little sister.

Audra is working evenings at one of the places that makes ochlophobes everywhere recoil in disgust...yes, I'm speaking of the Seattle-based leviathan known affectionately by some as "Fourbucks." Reason? Benefits. Good ones, for much less a month than my school district. Offered to employees working a mere 20 hours a week. Which means I can stop shelling out hundreds of bucks a month for little coverage.

Good to be back.


Andrea Elizabeth said...



You talk (and sing) purdy. :)

One other little note, the "word verification" for the combox is "redne". ck!

s-p said...

Looks like its time to move to New York! Can't have the kiddos talkin' lahk THAT! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you; and Kate and Hope seem to be growing and growing.

God bless.

[and may I, ignorant as I am, ask what an 'ochlophobe' is?]

David Bryan said...

Andrea E.,

"You talk (and sing) purdy. :)"

Um...why, thank you.


"Can't have the kiddos talkin' lahk THAT!"

Well, shore, but ah ain't keen on havenum say "youse guys," neither.


"and may I, ignorant as I am, ask what an 'ochlophobe' is?"

Sure...someone who fears crowds. This guy is the "well-known," self-titled, and extremely eloquent example of this (and by "well-known," I mean only in the Orthodox blogosphere, which is to say not really well-known at all...being genuinely and universally well-known would be an ironic situation for an ochlophobe to be in).

Thanks to all three of you for the welcome wagon.

Mimi said...

Bwahahahahahhaa, may she not grow up to add a "hold my beer" before the "Hey, y'all..."

Congrats to Audra! And I laughed on the Kate's walking style. She can't be old enough to walk, can she?

Anonymous said...

Ah, thanks David.

I could take that name for myself at times; and thanks for the link.

The Ochlophobist said...

"being genuinely and universally well-known would be an ironic situation for an ochlophobe to be in"

The thought sends shivers down me spine.

Glad to hear you are all doing well.

And, any gripe I have with Fourbucks is subservient to domestic expediencies. I understand completely. At least they have honor enough to grant a decent benefit to their employees in return for the fourbucks of many.

Rhology said...

Haha, Nadia's not yet to the "Hey y'all, watch this!" stage, but you made me laugh.

Tracey said...

Welcome back to the blogging world Bryan! I have missed the entertianing stories of my precious (and now apparently redneck) nieces!

At least Hope isn't saying things like "I ain't gonna ..."

Love to you all!