Friday, January 23, 2009

A Cause for Rejoicing

On a forum I frequent, a poster who works with mentally disturbed patients asked for our prayers regarding a severely suicidal man who'd been abused as a child. This evening, the poster had this to report (emph. mine):
"Wonderful is God in His Saints!

"This morning, Peter woke from a deep sleep and seemed visibly relaxed, and cheerful. At first I was concerned because this is often a sign that someone who is suicidal has formulated a plan and resolved to die. I spent two hours with Peter after breakfast at his request to talk, and we seem to have got to the root cause of his suicidality, the cause which, up until today he had never told anyone. He had been carrying a burden which, up until today he felt he could never tell anyone. After we spoke for some time and he wept with relief for a while, I asked him what had caused him to pluck up the courage to tell me, and he said that he had an 'amazing dream' where he was in a garden and he met a 'tall, thin man with a long beard dressed in black and wearing a nun's veil' who smiled at him, then the man held up and touched Peter's lips 'with his thumb an (sic) two fingers' and simply said 'Open!' then vanished. Peter woke up and understood that he had to tell someone what had been troubling him for so many years.

"I have a strong suspicion the 'man' in Peter's dream was St. Ephrem of Nea Makri, the patron of the despairing and suicidal. Whoever he was, thank you all for your prayers!"


Audra Wooten said...

Praise God!

s-p said...

Thank you for sharing this. I'm working with a bunch of men in recovery on Thursday nights now...God knows what brought them to this place in their lives.
St. Ephrem pray for us!

Philippa said...

Wow....Glory to God!!

Lucian said...

Continue praying.

(the word-verification is 'scrum', meaning 'ashes').

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news; thanks and praise be to God!

Mimi said...

Thanks be to God!