Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Those Melodies

Michael from Texas, who keeps up the staggeringly frequently-updated blog To and Through St. Vlad's (staggering due to his being in seminary and still being able to blog about it regularly) recently posted HERE about Bridegroom Matins hymns in the byzantine tradition, as well as how they always made him think of Holy Week. I thought I'd return in kind. When I think of Holy Week, the following are the melodies this russophile hears:


-C said...

Why, those are the ones I hear, too!

rightwingprof said...

We do the Kievan Behold the Bridegroom. I found one youtube clip (but the choir really needed to have rehearsed it):

From last night, the monks of Balamand Monastery:

s-p said...

After 7 years in Antioch and 4 in "Russia" (OCA) I miss the Byzantine but am learning to love my arranged marriage to Russian music. Very nice Bridegroom.