Sunday, July 19, 2009


In our household, we try to set aside Sunday as much as possible as a day of rest, refraining from all unnecessary work. This week has been a challenge for us, as temperatures had been in the triple digits for a couple of weeks straight (we've been granted a reprieve for the past three with a "cool front" in the upper 90s and even some rain today!), and the days had been taken up with boxing, packing, craigslisting, and creating towers of boxes in our 1.400 ft3 storage unit. Nowhere near what Steve has been enduring, but the work and heat is definitely taking its toll.

Interesting, then, what a "forced" day of rest will do. While it's a given that the day will be appreciated by the body (give it some time to heal up), it also forces one to concentrate one's work even more tightly into the other six days of the week.

Tomorrow: the final week of summer school instruction before finals. Plus more packing. Vitamin C, Advil, and heating pads are definitely in order...


s-p said...

Don't forget the two beers. 3 if it is over 110. :)

David Bryan said...

Heh. Shiner is my friend. Jack's a better one.