Friday, October 30, 2009

The Beginning and the End of It

"If anything, I think that both among Catholics and Orthodox Christians (at least in the US) our liturgical life suffers[...]because we have neglected the whole rest of our Christian lives. First and foremost this neglect[...]flows not from a lack of commitment to our respective theological or liturgical traditions but a general lack of repentance. But running a close second are those in both communities who assuming, simplistically and wrongly, that commitment to tradition—essential for salvation though it is—is the same as a personal commitment to Christ. It simply isn’t."

From Fr. Gregory Jensen, who consistently, accurately, and lovingly gets to the heart of all things pastoral. Read the whole post HERE. Please.


Scott said...

Great quote. I pray your studies and spiritual formation are going well.

Fr. Gregory Jensen said...

Thank you Reader for your kind words.