Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Read This

I was talking with Audra last night about what a priest should be. This, of course, ties into what a seminary should aspire to be (and what it should not waste its time trying to be). I was pleased, then, to read THIS POST by Fr. Jonathan Tobias, which not only states my ideas about what a priest should be able to do and what kind of man he should be, but also expands into what a seminary should do and be for the formation of said candidate to the priesthood. I am glad to say that some of the aspects of SVS are there in the post (these would be some of the most hotly contested aspects of our seminary life, but which I think should be there and are good for ego razing and routine). Others are not, sadly. While I am pretty sure that SVS is not the seminary that Fr. Jonathan says he won't "have to worry about," such a post could go a good, long ways to helping seminarians in multiple Orthodox institutions "self-correct." Hear, hear..

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