Sunday, November 13, 2005

December 4th

Just an announcement that on Dec. 4th, St. Barbara's Day (our parish's patronal feastday), Lord willing, a few men in my parish (a group which includes me) will be tonsured readers by His Eminence, Archbishop DMITRI. News to all of us; we'd only had one class (though we've all been doing the work of readers for months, some of us years).

Your prayers for Daniel, Demetrios, and Peter would be appreciated.

(And before anyone says it: yes, I am aware that, after that point, upon approaching the Chalice I will be referred to as "The Reader Peter," which sounds like "the Reeder Peeder." Hardy har. Eh...keeps ya' humble...)


Mimi said...

You will be in my prayers, Many Years to you!

Rhology said...

Hmm, the Reeder Peeder. Sounds like going to church from now one will be QUITE the vocabulary lesson for Esperancita!

Ian said...

Prayers ascending for you all from Down Under.

Aaron said...

Awesome Bryan, very good news.