Sunday, December 04, 2005

A bit blurry here, but, we first approached the Archbishop with three prostrations, since he's our spiritual authority and we're to submit to him. Posted by Picasa


Mimi said...

David Bryan,

Responding to your post, when they upgraded Blogger earlier this year (about maybe June?) instead of having to go through the laborious process of Picassa, when you go to post, up at the top where you can insert links, bold and italicize, there is an upload photo button. When you hit that, you can upload from either your computer or on the web. Then you can choose if you want it to be left, right or center justified.

As a note, though, mine puts all my pictures at the top of the post and then I cut and paste the code into where in my text I want it to go. The text will then wrap around it.

Hope that helps. If I can be of further help, let me know.

Christine said...

Hey Bryan --- sorry this one came out so blurry - I'll work on getting a steady hand for the next time (when you become a deacon)... you know me - I'm a project manager, always looking at things from 30,000 ft and years in advance.

Christine Eliseev

David Bryan said...


Thanks...I'm kicking myself for all those posts I made separately, then sat there combining.


You're hilarious. "WHEN I become a deacon." You've now joined "those people" who've got me pegged for ordination, I see...we'll see. God knows. Right now, no plans for that whatsoever. Happy as a Spanish teacher, happy as a reader. But thanks for the vote of confidence, nonetheless.