Saturday, January 06, 2007

Feastday Reading

Our resident Ochlophobe has treated us to another apologia post here. Particularly pertinent to this day in the Church is this passage:
"In the opening lines of Genesis God moves above the waters, in Matthew chapter 3 God is below the waters. For there to be the new creation that is humanity healed, God must enter the water. When God is seen above the waters the veil remains intact. When God is seen below the waters the Trinity is revealed...In Genesis the waters which the spirit of God moves above are chaos and death, tohu-wabohu (תוֹהוּ־וַבוֹהוּ). After dividing light and dark God divides the waters, thereby dividing the heavens from the earth. But, of course, with God's creative divisions there is order and unity and compatibility. Our sin will disrupt that cosmic order. In Matthew 3 the God who goes under the waters reunites heaven and earth which was falsely (re)divided by man in his sinful rebellion. Theophany is not just soteriologically important for man, it is soteriologically important for the cosmos. At Theophany the God of Genesis does not simply hover above tohu-wabohu. Jesus at Jordan does not divide the waters. He plunges into them. And as he rises, chaos ends."
Happy Theophany, y'all.

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