Monday, February 12, 2007

Following Nonsense

I truly wanted to get the previous post up before Lent, yet I think, as Benjamin of "Unmitigated Nonsense" has done, I will take my leave of absence from the blogosphere a bit earlier than anticipated. Your prayers are most appreciated. A blessed fast to all.


AlyoshaK said...

Why are you taking your leave of absence from the blogosphere (if I can ask)? (this is Charles)

Benjamin said...

Fare thee well. Have a blessed Lent and a saving Pascha.

Mimi said...

Prayers. May it be a blessed and profitable fast.

Anonymous said...

David Bryan,

A blessed Lenten spring to you & your family.

(I've just discovered that you have a blog. Enjoying it.)

~vitaly of Our Lady's University

Alice C. Linsley said...

David, acabo de descubrir tu blog. El Senor sea contigo y con tu familia.

Alicia C. Linsley

Anonymous said...

My prayers to you and your family for a blessed Lenten season.