Thursday, June 07, 2007

Article for Posterity

In case anybody missed the "Faith and Works" post from a little while ago (as well as the huge discussion the followed in the combox), the content of said post is now available as an online article, courtesy of, and is now listed in the sidebar of this blog as "Harmonious Salvation."


Rhology said...

Did you lose patience w/ the comments? (Not that I'd blame you if you did, haha.)

EYTYXOΣ said...

Well, the combox did go on for 78 comments, and those from just a handful of commentors, so I don't think David lost patience. It's been dormant since May 24th; I think the combox just ran out of steam on its own.

I wish we could Webcast the NT Greek class so you could participate from Oklahoma!

Rhology said...

Yeah, 'twould be sweet to do that!

You must have some education in Greek, then? How have you learned it?

EYTYXOΣ said...

I took 2 years of NT Greek at The Criswell College in Dallas, just down the street from where I work (well, about a 30-minute walk). They were using the same textbook (for first-year Greek) as Dallas Theological Seminary just up the street, at 1/2 the price per credit hour. No brainer there. I aced it, and, full of hubris, taught 1st-year Greek to interested people in our church while I was taking ... 2nd-year Greek!! :^)

Then I taught 1st-year (more like 1st-and-a-half-year, because I supplement things) Greek a few times at Denton Bible Church when we were going there, using Dobson's book, but then settling on GREEK TO ME by Story & Story.

However, GREEK TO ME is getting expensive (and Dobson's inductive approach didn't work as well as claimed for my class), so this year I switched to N. Clayton Croy's A PRIMER OF BIBLICAL GREEK, one reason being that GREEK TO ME's mnemonic system (a great system, by the way) is dependent on the typical "Erasmian" pronunciation of Greek, which is not how Greek was spoken, either then or now.

You can follow our progress on
the blog. I'm winging it in some ways, since I've never taught from Croy before. I also have some new things I want to incorporate. My goal is to cram 1-1/2 years of NT Greek into an 8-9 months period so that the students can emerge able to navigate and understand the easier parts of the NT, and hopefully be equipped to progress on their own. Last time I used Black's IT'S STILL GREEK TO ME at a couple chapters a week to finish off the end of the course while we worked through 1 Thessalonians verse-by-verse - kind of a poor man's 3rd semester of Greek. Black's book is an easy 2nd-year book that reviews and reinforces and expands on what people learn their first year. It's lighter (and thinner) than Wallace's GREEK GRAMMAR BEYOND THE BASICS (which, however, will have an accompanying workbook this summer, proofread by a friend of mine who studies under Wallace at DTS).

I want to get a couple years of Classical Greek under my belt, but I've instead taught Greek at churches instead of expanding my own knowledge. ;^(

And ... hopefully one or two of my noble students will get excited about NT Greek and begin teaching it at their churches!