Wednesday, March 05, 2008

An Early "Bowout"

Way back forever ago I started to go over the psalms of my namesake, David, in the Psalter. I dropped it almost just as far back ago.

So I'm going to do two things with this blog for Lent this year, and yes, they're related.

(1) I will, by God's help, be regularly updating the blog with insights from Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon's Christ in the Psalms and/or the Orthodox Study Bible.

(2) I will be shutting off comments, a trick I learned from handmaidleah one Lent, I think it was...previously-made comments will still be there (too many good conversations have been had to get rid of them), they just won't be visible. I spend way too much time reading comments, responding to them, getting sucked into the blogs they link to, etc...hopefully the silence in the absence of conversation will do me good.

Lord, have mercy.

Y'all have a very blessed Lent, and "we'll talk" around the empty tomb of Pascha, Lord willing.

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