Saturday, March 25, 2006

A Good Good-Bye

Yeah, I know, ANOTHER post today...last one, I promise...

As some readers may know, we have, for several months, been trying to find a suitable new home for our dog, Brigid--a 90-lb. Lab-Husky mix (at least, that's as near as we can figger) with a sweet disposition. We are just not able to devote the time to her that we should, and she deserves folks who'll be able to run (not walk; she's feisty) her on a regular basis, plus give her a sizeable backyard to dominate and chase squirrels in, unlike us in our zero-lot house.

We finally had some luck with a couple down in Ft. Hood, the military base near Killeen, so after all was arranged, we drove down today after Annunciation Liturgy--2.5 hours--and introduced dog to new owners. Said our good-byes, but it was quite nice: no tears, no sentimentality (though tonight we did miss the familiar "WUFF!" that greeted us every time we came into the house), mostly because we knew that she was in a better place, with folks who not only wanted her as we did, but who would give her what she needed and deserved. She's such a good girl.

So here's to you, Brigid. Thanks for three years of great memories. We love you, sweetheart, and will miss you, but are glad to know you'll be happy.


~ Daddy (and Mama)

(::sniff:: [swallows lump])

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Rhology said...

Familiar w/ the lump. Yes indeed.