Sunday, March 05, 2006

Great Lent

My favorite hymn was sung tonight at Forgiveness Vespers:

"Let us begin the fast with joy! / Let us prepare ourselves for spiritual efforts! / Let us cleanse our soul and cleanse our flesh! / Let us abstain from every passion as we abstain from food! / Let us rejoice in virtues of the Spirit and fulfill them in love! / That we all may see the Passion of Christ our God, / and rejoice in spirit at the holy Pascha!

Have a joyous and fruitful Lenten season, my brothers and sisters in Christ.


Mimi said...

Forgive me, my brother.

Ian said...

And a blessed Lenten season to you and yours also.

Forgive me, a sinner.

EmilijaMacrina said...

I actually moved out to my dads ranch after I graduated, and it's a good hour outside Ft.Worth so I'm not able to make Liturgy regularly. But I'm a member of St. Peter's not, St. Demitrious. I frequent Holy Archangels, so I'm actually more familiar with the Greeks than anything else.

I really love the Eastern Rite, and I've been meaning to get myself to Liturgy at your parish and the Greek parish. Keep me posted on where y'all are having Vespers, I'd love to come.