Friday, March 31, 2006

Many Years!

Congratulations are in order! Our good friends Zac and Lindsey Wingerd are now the proud parents of the good lookin' fella to your right. May I present to y'all: Joshua Alexander Wingerd, who will, Lord willing, be baptized in May under the name Alexander and have as his patron St. Alexander Nevsky. This birth is even more joyful than just any birth for Audra and myself, for we are to be the young child's godparents! We thank God--and Joshua's parents--for granting us this honor.

Audra and Hope, who is being held here by Lindsey's mom, went to see the family while I was at school today (I'll see them tomorrow, Lord willing), and Hope was apparently puzzled as to why she could not play with her fellow munchkin. It truly does amaze me to look at pictures of babies this small and to think that only nine months ago, mine was (almost) that small and that inactive. Amazing, God's marvelous are His works; in wisdom has He made them all...

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Mimi said...

Many years indeed!