Thursday, May 31, 2007

Li'l Sweetie Tastes Immortality

We were blessed to be present at St. Sava's first liturgy on their new property -- outdoors, tent over our heads, hay under our feet -- and much BBQ-ed sausage and Shiner Bock in our bellies afterwards.

But this right here to the right is what it's all about (hint). That li'l one that looks an awful lot like my beautiful wife is such a big girl now, taking communion by herself... Thanks to Mary Bethany for the heads up. You can see the rest of the slideshow here.


EYTYXOΣ said...

Well, it looks like you and Mary aren't totally abandoning your Baptist heritages! (Tent revivals, etc.)

Mimi said...

I remember going to an outdoor Liturgy at our church's property, right after we bought it - when I was a catechumen. Those memories will always stay.

And, what a gorgeous photo of your little one!

Anonymous said...

He he he EYTYXOΣ! You owe me a new keyboard as I spluttered my coffee over this one. :) wonderful to see. And a wonderful photo as Mimi wrote. Thanks and praise be to God.

Matthew N. Petersen said...


Philippa said...

This is truly a holy photo, if that can be said.

How precious we are in His sight.

How beautiful!