Friday, January 11, 2008

Beginning with Wonder

Father Stephen's done it again with an excellent post on wonder as the necessary component of a sound, sane, Christian life (read it HERE). Reminded me of a post from a couple years back (HERE).


Swordsandlace said...

Hi there...I came across your blog by complete accident while doing some research. I'm an Orthodox catechumen, coming from a Baptist background, and it looks like we've been through some very similar experiences. I very much appreciate your posting your conversion experience. I wasn't able to comment there, so I hope this is okay. I wrote down the scriptures you referred to because I am facing some stiff dialogue from within my family regarding my decision to become Orthodox. Happy Theophany to you and your family.

Swordsandlace said...

Thanks for posting on my blog. I am impressed to see that you are a Spanish teacher. I got my degree in Spanish in 1991. What a coincidence LOL.
The fact that you went on mission trips, studied at a Christian University, knew your bible, really quizzed those Catholic priests, did your own research and came to this conclusion is really amazing. I'm sure then you are very familiar with Latin American history and the conquests, etc.
Those events contrasting with the Orthodox monks visits to Alaska and their method of bringing the Indians to Christ are part of what led me. I too was thinking of becoming RC at one time but could not do it for the unbiblical reasons.
I visited Russia and got my first taste of Orthodoxy years ago but never pursued it because I could not find a parish in Norman, OK where I lived at the time. I'm now in Kansas City and this is where I found my parish. The biggest thing I notice is that I don't have people swarming me as soon as I walk in, and I don't have people calling me constantly to "remind" me to come to church on Sunday. I'm just allowed to "be" and let God fill me.