Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Carlton's Open Letter

For those who haven't read it yet, Dr. Clark Carlton has written an Open Letter to Orthodox Christians on Behalf of Ron Paul's candidacy for President.

I offer my "Amen," and an invitation for you to read it, as well.


Jacob said...

Who's Ron Paul? :)

David Bryan said...

You're either deliciously oblivious to the current GOP political scene (which would surprise me, knowing you as I do), or dryly ribbing me.

The drought of media coverage of Dr. Paul has not gone unnoticed by those of us who favor the man; in televised debates he is given a slim fraction of the time alloted other candidates to voice their opinions on matters. I can understand why his would be a voice the mass media would not want to be heard...sadly, I'm sure they'll have their way, and the GOP will be reduced to two thoroughly non-conservative "Republicans." This man is old-school conservative where it counts, and classically Locke-ian liberal where he needs to be in order to be faithful to the founding constitutional principles of this country. That most will miss out on this due to a media hush-up is outrageous.

Rhology said...

Even though I think the guy's statements about the US bringing Islamic wrath upon itself are stoopid, I'll probably vote for him b/c I find him entertaining AND b/c any power he could gain would shake up the country in a mostly good way.

Too bad he can't win. :-(

David Bryan said...

Granted, Islamic nations hate us for the freedoms we allow, but what pushes them over the edge to attack us? Freedom or occupation? Granted, they didn't have to attack because we went over there, but denying that we'd create some kind of blowback by intruding controversially and deeply into these countries was naive in the extreme.

And, yes, too bad he can't win.

The young fogey said...

Welcome aboard!

the US bringing Islamic wrath upon itself

He's right.

Anonymous said...

Read Orcinus on Ron Paul before making up your minds.