Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Awful News...

...was just now posting the pictures of the church construction when I got a call saying that a friend we are very close to has just miscarried. We found out just last Sunday that she was expecting...this is awful. My whole mind is reeling right now, as something I have prayed against for myself for seven, almost eight months has struck one we love. To know that you are holding a small, developing life within you and then to have it pass--in this case, there doesn't seem to be a reason why, making it all the worse--I can't truly understand it, being a man...but to think of what the father must be feeling, much less the mother...this says all I can't right now:
O Sovereign Master, Lord our God, Who was born of the all-pure Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary, and as an infant was laid in a manger: do You Yourself, according to Your great mercy, have regard for this Your servant who has miscarried that which was conceived in her. Heal her suffering, granting to her, O Loving Lord, health and strength of body and soul. Guard her with a shining Angel from every assault of sickness and weakness and all inward torment. You who accept the innocence of infancy in Your Kingdom, comfort the mind of Your servant and bring her peace. Amen.

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