Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Pascha Baskets!

I'm such a guy when it comes to food...cold pizza and kool-aid at 7 AM? Sure thing. An egg roll, clam chowder, baked beans and chips and guac for dinner? No prob. So this year, in like fashion, my pascha basket will consist of...tequila...and cheese. What a meal, right? They are, however, the two things I've missed the most this Lent. Went overboard on the tequila (somewhat to A's dismay)...Sauza Tres Generaciones Añejo is definitely NOT the least expensive brand out there...but it, being my fave, is the best way I know to toast the Resurrection.

That, and cheese. Ah, the power of cheese, indeed. Had to reign myself in (good thing, too, considering my tequila splurge) and just go for pepper jack, cheddar and colby-jack...the standards, the cheap stuff. Wanted to get the more exotic brie, the swiss, the goudas...all of which cost at least 10 bucks/small wheel...but maybe next year.


owen white said...

This is the first Lent that I have managed to accomplish going without single malt scotch entirely. That has more to do with the fact that I have no money than with any success at piety, but nonetheless, I too earnestly await the feast.

David Bryan said...

Can't say the same, though I have been...humble?...desparate?...enough to take "pity shots" from folks who, wondering why I was sticking with water instead of my customary 1800 or Sauza, bought me one. Wine allowance days are very much appreciated!