Thursday, April 28, 2005

Some Good Discussion on

Some really great comments were made on concerning the archaeological evidence and history of icons in Christianity. Read "Strelet's" comment here.

Also read very well-read and fair comments (read: not straw men arguments!) concerning the differences between the Orthodox view of the Atonement and the western idea of Satisfaction--"Irish Hermit's" comments are here and here, while "Augustine's" (who is also the Perennial Rambler) comments are here and here.

All the comments are pretty close together; you could just scroll down and read them all, one almost right after the other. However, for your convenience, Yours Truly has provided the individual posts. I'm nice like that. And I like to use the hyperlink in one post...a new record!

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Mimi said...

Thanks for pointing out that conversation. I've read "Theology of the Icon" but not seen the catacomb paintings before, that I recall.

A blessed Holy Friday to you!