Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Brat Camp

I highly recommend this show. Almost got sick to death of it (it was advertised during every commercial break!), but it's worth it. Kids who will not submit to authority, who will not see the value of common courtesy, of teamwork, of obedience, are subjected to rigorous and structured life for an indefinite amount of time so that they can come to grips with the fact that lying to, stealing from, disobeying, yelling at and threatening one's parents so you can get what you want is wrong, not to be condoned, and makes you a bad person. In contrast, looking out for others, being straight with them, giving of yourself, respecting others, being obedient and willing to push your own limits makes you a better person. These simple concepts, so easily grasped by many of us, are lost on many kids today (as a teacher, I know; I see it daily). Life no longer, as my wife puts it, beats these concepts into you by the mere experience of living it; extreme measures need to be taken, and this show does it.

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The young fogey said...

As somebody who grew up with a handicap in a 'dysfunctional family' I can tell you that this is ONLY true IF it's understood by all that the parents and other authorities (like teachers), like the kids, have to answer to a Higher Power or Greater Good than themselves (like Hebrew National hot dogs). Otherwise you're only breaking kids' spirits and trying to turn them into little drones that will submit to ANY authority (good little corporate cogs or wooden soldiers who will obey ANY order à la Nuremberg). Some say that's really what the state schools are about, more than actual learning.

Do these kids need straightening out? Absolutely. But never lose sight of principles.