Saturday, July 02, 2005



olympiada said...

I like seeing your icons in the background there. Perhaps some time you could list them all?

Ian said...

What Olympiada said. It looks like you've got quite a collection!

David Bryan said...

Whoops...funny thing about that; I just posted it so I could put it up in my profile there. Meant to erase the post, but I guess I didn't.

OK, from the top (literally):

At the top of "the pyramid" is Rublev's "Hospitality/Holy Trinity."

Underneath, from L to R are the Theotokos, Christ, and the Forerunner.

Next line down, L to R, are St. Patrick, St. Peter (my patron), St. Natalya (Audra's patron), and St. Herman of Alaska.

Next line down is St. Mary of Magdala meeting the risen Christ, St. Elizabeth, the mother of the Forerunner (Hope's patron), and a dual icon of Ss. Katherine and Barbara, holy martyrs.

We've got others around the house--due in large part to our parish's subdeacon who offers to mount prints for next to nothing--but these all have special significance to Audra and/or me.

St. Patrick: the first saint I ever researched, who intrigued me with his emphasis on the Trinity, something I never really heard preached as a Baptist.

St. Herman: pretty much the patron saint of this country; good missionary saint.

St. Mary of Magdala: Audra likes this one; good example of faithfulness to Christ even when everything sucks.

St. Barbara: patron of our parish here in Ft. Worth.

So there y'go!

Ian said...


Especially for the reasons behind each. St Patrick is a favourite of mine also.

Ian said...

Oh, and Happy 4th July!

The young fogey said...

Good picture and icon corner.