Friday, July 08, 2005


Was unable to blog yesterday...may God comfort the souls of those who perished in the satanic attacks on London yesterday, as well as the souls of those who survived.

One wonders--or at least I do--what effect this will have on the resolve of the British people at large regarding the Iraq War. My guess is that those opinions already formed will become all the more cemented, and those yet undecided (can one be undecided about this today?!) will be swayed one way or the other by the horrible immediacy of this tragedy.

Many of those unconvinced will see this as a wake-up call to action against the real threat of real Islam (none of this fundamentalist labeling...)

Others will see this as an act of vengeance for a conflict which we unjustly initiated, as well as a reminder that the ones who are truly the attackers--the international terrorist group led by bin Laden--are still on the loose while we are bogged down in a single country.

Both will be right.


Ian said...

I think Londoners and England will get on with the job. As someone said, "We survived Hitler, the IRA, and we'll survive these bastards -- whoever they are!"

Ian said...

[Just thought that perhaps 'bastard' as an insult hasn't moved across the pond: in case it hasn't -- as well as the traditional meaning it is also used as a general insult]

Rhology said...

Tra, tra.
The UK - Spain or spine?