Wednesday, July 27, 2005

"Hot Providence"

Rich Mullins once asked, "Are we comfortable with the image of God as Father and nervous about God as Lover[?] Are we happy to have God be The Creator, but scared to think of Him as being Creative? Do we like God being an enginieer, but balk at His being an artist? Does His being a logician comfort us, but His being a poet threaten us? Do we enjoy the glow of God's light but shade ourselves from the heat of His flames?...How is it that we can accept that Moses saw a bush that burned and was not consumed, yet we doubt that God can love in a rage and never cool?"

Emailed to me by a friend of mine, this post paints a picture of God as Artist (specifically, as Cook)...with all the wild temperment and lavish expression one finds therein.

Praise be to the rabid, riotous God of Taste!

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olympiada said...

Excellent post, and very much in line with what I am going through. I told a friend I thought of Jesus as my husband and lover and she like that. Well it is true. Hey I need a spiritual husband and lover to get me through this divorce. Who better than Jesus?