Friday, May 26, 2006

TGIF...and TGFOT...

Last day of school!!! So, obviously, THIS Friday is particularly great for me.

Another TGIF moment today, though: it just occurred me this morning how, traditionally in the Eastern Orthodox Church, the readings of the psalms for Friday morning are Ps. 134-150 (tha't's 135-->the end in western Bibles). Read through it today; apparently there's plenty of other reasons to "praise ye the LORD" besides it just being Friday (Who knew?). Nice meditation.

The TGFOT is "Thank God for our toddler." Yes, gentle readers, our little Hope Elizabeth is walking...taking more and more steps in a row each day (we think she's up to 11 in a row now), and she has the battle scars to prove it. Any parent of a toddler knows that any toddler doing the, um, toddling will, at any given moment and (of course!) in the worst possible way, fall at lightning speed to the ground upon losing his/her balance (seriously: how did any of us have the guts to keep trying 'till we got this walking thing down?!). Anza did this yesterday, and went, nose first, onto her toybox. Yes, we had little nosebleed. She was a trooper, though; t'weren't nothin' a nice, cold popsicle and Mama's arms and kisses couldn't fix (I know, I know, WAY too mushy this early in the morning, but whaddyagonnado?).


Mimi said...

Oh, poor thing. Those moments are so sad.

Congratulations on the summer freedom and on the "wobblerhood".

Ian said...

Poor Hope Elizabeth: and mush is fine. It's wonderful to read such accounts from a loving dad.

Enjoy the holidays: how long do you get for your summer break over there?

Philippa said...

Ouchy on the nosey! Ooo, bet that hurt. Thank goodness she didn't have any teeth to knock out.

Tracey said...

WoOoHoO!!! 10 student free weeks of fun in the sun!!! Whatchagonnado with yourself during this time???? We made it through another year!!!! YEAH!!!

And your lil' Anza is so precious! When I came over the other day she crawled around the corner, looked up at me and just grinned!!! I love her!!!!