Saturday, May 28, 2005

Da Vinci Debunked

A wonderful series of seven posts (here begins the seventh one, with links to the other six) by Fr. Joseph Huneycutt on his blog, ORTHODIXIE, which takes Dan Brown's ridiculous novel and rips it a new one. Excellent work.


pete said...

I've not read this novel, so take that into consideration as I comment. It seems to me that this book has gotten far too much attention from people who are concerned about it. I wonder if this has actually worked more in favor of the author than against, as negative PR sometimes can (Al Franken's book is a quick example of the way negative PR can be better PR than positive PR.) I can't help wondering if this is the "real enemy" that Christians ought to be hunting for. It is fiction, after all--nobody, not even Dan Brown, thinks it's real. (I realize there are underlying "documents" that it's "based on" that are the "real" issue here, but fiction based on documents that exist does not make that fiction real. Take, for example, just about any novel written about the time of the drafting of the Constitution.) For example, the decidedly confusing and highly unreadable Book of Mormon is believed to be the genuine article, straight outta Kolob, by millions of people. If Joseph Smith hadn't died in a gunfight and become the first martyr for his organization, it's hard to imagine that the Mormons wouldn't have ended up much different from the Oneida colony or one like it. Perhaps we might all do better by just ignoring the book. OR, by agreeing publicly that fiction still isn't real.

Fr Joseph Huneycutt said...

Hi Pete,

I can appreciate your opinion, and you may be right. But did you read my review? I think Christians should be concerned whether it brings more fame to Dan Brown or not. He'll have his own answers to make. But could you answer the questions of someone who has read the book? Saying "it is fiction" doesn't quite cut is -- as Brown (through his characters) claims the Bible is fiction, Christ is fiction, the Church is fiction. Fiction does not negate the fact that Brown has an agenda. It's an old agenda ... Gnosticism, otherwise known as heresy. I disagree with the statement: "nobody ... thinks it's real". I don't generally run in skeptical circles and know of several former believers who now have fresh and troubling doubts about the Church, Christianity, etc, thanks to Brown's book.

I wouldn't buy it, but I'm glad I read it. At least now I can discuss it should the need arise.

Then again, you may be right.

David Bryan said...


Thanks for commenting--and you as well, Father--but I have to disagree, as did Father, with the "nobody thinks it's real" statement. My godson's mother's family members are almost all very much convinced that Dan Brown's got it right. He undertook an effort like Fr. Joseph's (albeit a much smaller one) to debunk the ahistorical lunacy that is DVC in order to set them straight on the early Church et al.