Tuesday, May 17, 2005

An excellent post on communion as inclusion and exclusion on the famed blog Paradosis.


Anonymous said...

hey Pedro, it's Donna Mary (Donna Rose from OC.net)...i have a question unrelated to your latest post. from where did you get the image of the icon on your blog? i've had it as my wallpaper for many months, and i would love to have it for my icon corner - was it from a website that sells icons? you can respond here or via PM :) thanx!

David Bryan said...

No prob, María...check here:


for the original image. Unfortunately it wasn't for an actual icon, but you can always go to Kinko's or someplace and have them print you out a high-quality print of it, then have someone decophage it onto a piece of wood. We're blessed to have a subdeacon at our parish who loves to do just that!

Thanks fer stoppin' by!

Anonymous said...


actually there is a man at my church that mounts icon prints onto wood as well (for our store) and has offered to do any prints that I bring to him - he says slightly heavy paper works better than regular thickness. i just may do this - thank you for the link! i hope all is well with you and your wife - she and you are in my prayers as her delivery date draws nearer :)

In Christ,
María :)