Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Stupid Ouzo...

OK, so I consider myself a fairly experienced drinker when it comes to alcohol. I brought the Sauza 3Gs Añejo that I wrote about before to Pascha, had three shots and was none the worse for wear. Paschal Vespers the next afternoon, two shots of vodka, and nothin'. I know my limits when it comes to these two drinks, and I was doing OK. What I did next, however, was world-class dumb: I tried something new--Ouzo, a Greek liquor that is licorice-flavored (nasty, imo)--on top of having already drunk two shots of vodka. Didn't get drunk--never have been--but I got too tipsy to drive there for about a half an hour, forty-five min., and had to wait around for the effects to wear off. I hate even getting tipsy. It's such a waste of fine motor skills. Should my priest decide to rib me, though, about my Ouzo adventure, I can always come back and say that he, while perfectly sober, called tequila "Keteela." Who's tongue-tied now, eh?

A lesson learned on an otherwise unblemished and thoroughly glorious Pascha, about which I will (Lord willing) write soon.


Fr. Oliver said...

Yes, not all lessons are learned during Lent :-)

Fr. Thomas, the rector at our parish, reminded us that we are told not to fast but that we shouldn't become swine.

You showed good judgment. I had some bulls blood and shared it with others, so I didn't have to worry about such a situation.

It's always fun to have a little "something" on your priest :-)

Ronda said...

I didn't make Pascha this year but I laugh at you and your 'too tipsy to drive', btw that usually means drunk, lol

David Bryan said...

See, that's just it...to me, drunk means "too lit up to walk," not "drive." Seen the former; didn't really like it.

My matushka asked me if I had a headache afterwards...sheesh...lol

Aaron said...

Too funny...

I like tipsy...call me a wine bibber, but i don't feel any regret for being tipsy. Drunk is drunk and it's not good.

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