Thursday, June 01, 2006

Christ is Ascended! He is Ascended in Glory!

From last night's vespers service:
Without leaving the Father's bosom,
having lived with mankind as a Man,
today You have ascended in glory from the Mount,
mercifully raising our fallen nature,
enthroning it with the Father on high.
The angelic hosts were amazed with awe, seeing Your great love for mankind!
With them, we glorify Your condescension to us;
with them, we glorify Your Ascension from us.
By it, You filled Your disciples and Your Mother with great joy.
By their prayers, and through Your great mercy
make us, Your chosen people, worthy of this joy!

O God, You have refashioned the nature of Adam,
which had fallen into the depths of the earth.
You have led it up today above every Principality and Power,
for in Your love for it, You have seated it together with Yourself.
Since You have taken compassion on it You united it to Yourself
and having been united with it, You suffered with it;
as not subject to suffering, yet You suffered and glorified it with Yourself!
The bodiless ones said: “Who is this Man of beauty?
He is not only a Man;
He is both God and Man, united and manifested in One!”
Astonished Angels, some flying in glorious apparel, and some standing
near the Disciples, cried out:
“Men of Galilee, the One gone from You is Jesus, Who is both God and Man!”
The God-Man will come again as the Judge of the living and the dead,
granting to the faithful remission of sins and great mercy!

When the Angels beheld You ascending from the Mount of Olives, O Christ,
they cried to one another:
“Who is this? He is strong and mighty!
He is mighty in battle!
He is truly the King of Glory!
But why are His vestments purpled?
He is from Bozra, which is to say, ‘the flesh.’” (Is. 63:1)
As God, You sat at the right hand of majesty.
You sent us the Holy Spirit to guide and save our souls!

God has gone up with a shout;
the Lord with the sound of a trumpet,
in order to raise the fallen image of Adam,
and to send the comforting Spirit,
Who will sanctify our souls!
And, tying it all together today during Divine Liturgy:
When You fulfilled the dispensation for our sake,
and united earth to heaven:
You ascended in glory, O Christ our God,
not being parted from those who love You,
but remaining with them and crying:
“I am with you, and no one will be against you!


Ian said...

Happy Feast Day!

Mimi said...

Happy Feast Day!