Monday, June 05, 2006

Church Saturday night and yesterday; a small group of guys showed up for Great Vespers, so a male-only service. Something about the quiet, even strength exhibited in male voices chanting a service helps me, somehow, to focus more than a mixed choir.

Liturgy was half choir/half male chanters (our ladies were under the weather and had to bow out half way through). Got my "baby fix" by taking my newborn godson up to communion. He's much wider awake now, though calm. A miracle unifying with his Maker. What a joy.

Went over to (and spent the entire afternoon in) Azle, at the house of a family from our parish. Good, long talks w/James, the dad, over stuffed bell peppers and Negra Modelo about life, history, faith, prayer, geneaology, struggles, family (and the identity that comes with it), responsiblity, iconography and painted art in general (both of which James has done), spiritual warfare, church politics, stand-up comedy, can see why this took up the whole afternoon. Was given a copy of the Psalter according to the Seventy put out by Holy Transfiguration Monastery, since he happened to have two copies. That translation (online here) is one of the smoothest translations for chanting I've ever heard; today's kathisma went by in no time.

I always love that sort of thing...when members of a parish just get together and socialize. No other agenda, not even any kind of service, just relaxing together as family. Good times.


Eric Weiss said...

That would have been an enjoyable conversation to be part of.

Since St. Barbara's doesn't have a Website or email address, you can again convey to Fr. Basil and the others (is the choir director a relative of his?) how impressed my wife and I were with your singing and the acoustics in your church.

Whether the chanting or the sermon, there was no problem hearing clearly and distinctly (I suspect if someone spoke from the platform in just a normal tone of voice, he or she would easily be heard and understood), and when it came to the choir, I kept looking and looking for a microphone, esp. when James did his reading.

We enjoyed the fellowship meal conversations with you and Gary Armstrong. Glad to hear your family is back with you!

Thanks for posting the wedding pictures.

David Bryan said...


Thanks for posting! I'll certainly pass along the message to Fr. Basil and his son, Nick (the choir director). Yes, we're very happy with our new facilities.

Sadly, the fam isn't yet back with me. This Saturday evening, Lord willing, they'll fly back in to DFW.

It can't come fast enough.

Eric Weiss said...

My bad. I quickly saw the photo of your little one, and thought that meant that your family had returned.

papa herman said...

what joy it is to bring our Godchildren to the Chalice!

due to work, i miss most Sundays, but those that i am able!!!! fortunately my little Godson (3mos) attends some Vesper services so i get my chance to be with him during those Services.

on a humerous side note, my youngest is two and can be a handful for his Godfather... following one Service where my son Andrew was being his Godfather's ascetic struggle :) his Godfather saw me holding Lucius and said to me, "Remember he will be two somedays..."