Wednesday, June 14, 2006

They're Back!

OK, so they've been back since Saturday night. Been busy.

They flew in lat(er than originally planned), and both looked tired, but I got weary smiles from them both. Greater than I can express here to have them back. The house is alive again.

Pentecost on Sunday--this is the fulfillment of the promise, the "completion of hope," the moment when the grace of God makes up for that which is lacking in man and gives us the power to be His witnesses to the ends of the earth.

First birthday party for little Hope E. is coming up in a couple of weeks. A belated shout out to my boy Alan and his girl Aubrey for completing five years of marriage on June 1. Yeah. I'm mad late.

Audra and I completed four years a week after that--she was in KY, however, and we've since not had a good time to make that up. She's finishing her graduate work and is usually on the PC whenever she can be. This definitely is a strain, but she'll be done after this summer, then it's on to actually being a librarian.

The Psalter--the steady flow of the Kathisma echoes, time and again: our sufficiency is not in ourselves, but in the steady, quiet voice of God who will not force Himself on you, who will not impress you with loud, grand words of thunder that shock and awe you into submission. Rather He will simply tell you, in that still, small way of His, that you are His, He made you to live in communion with Him, no other life will suffice in place of said communion, and no other incentive will be given other than the tranquil insistence of the Holy Spirit and the unchanging, secure witness of the Holy Scriptures. Compulsion will not take place here. All necessary grace has been given and is being given. We now must respond if we are to live, period, for refusal to still the raging passions for the sake of the even placidity of the fire of God will end in the eternal torment of one who, in craving novelty and stimulation, is forced to endure the hell of God's never-ending, always-contemplative, ever-worthy holiness.


Ian said...

Love the ultimate paragraph. Thank you.

Rhology said...

You did better than me in remembering the anniv stuff!
5 years is better than 4. Looking forward to 6!

Donna said...

Hiya Pedro (or Rd. David, now),

Donna (Rose) here (from to hear things are going well with you. :) Been enjoying your blog, when I make it over here to check it out. I just wanted to say THAT'S COOL that your wife is studying to be a librarian...because I am too! haha...I started the MLS program this past January, and I am currently in summer classes too...I expect to finish my degree in May 2007. Congrats to her for being almost done! What kind of librarian does she plan to be?


Mimi said...

No way, a year already? And, happy Anniversary. Many Years.
Glad they are home.

Photini said...

Hey man, happy to know your fam is back safely. Sorry I never responded to your kind email-- I've been sick as a dog. I was able to follow your link and I really enjoyed your conversion story. Thanks so much for sharing it! Say hi to Wifey for me. God bless ya'll.

David Bryan said...


Hey! Audra's gonna be an elementary school librarian this coming year. That's great that you're looking into that, too!


Bummer. What were you sick with?

Photini said...

It's waaaaay embarrassing, so I'll email you guys. Dude, I could use some prayer!