Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I Just Don't Get It...

500,000 Syria Supporters rally in Lebanon

So, OK...Syria's occupied Lebanon since 1976, Lebanon has pretty much been a puppet government ever since, and now things are finally coming to a head because of the car-bombing of the Prime Minister (the responsibility for which the Syrians deny but...duh...)...and STILL there are people who say things like this:
“Syria should not leave. We are one hand and one people,” said 16-year-old Esraa Awarki, who traveled by bus from Sharkiya in southern Lebanon. “Why do they want us to split now?”
Now, I understand; you're from southern Lebanon, you've seen the crap Israel's put you through, you're somewhat grateful to Hezbollah for moving them out, but still...how oppressive does this have to get before you just say, "Enough!"?

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