Thursday, March 17, 2005

O Holy Father Pádraig, pray to God for us...

Happy St. Paddy's Day! Was given a blessing by Father to have one (1) Guinness raised in honor of this beloved saint (a custom of mine), who happens to be the first one I ever read about as a Protestant and who "lit the spark" for my eventual conversion to Orthodoxy. Will also read through Fr. Pádraig's confession and breastplate, along with the troparion and hymns for today, posted here:

Troparion of St Patrick Tone 4
Most glorious art Thou, Christ our God
Who didst establish our Father Patrick
As the Enlightener of the Irish and a torch-bearer on earth,
And through him didst guide many to the true Faith.
Most Compassionate One, glory to Thee.

While thou didst live on earth, O blessed father Pádraig,
thou didst bind to thyself the strong name of the Holy Trinity,
and faith in the undivided Trinity Who created the universe.
Now that thou standest before the throne of the Holy Trinity,
entreat Christ our God to save our souls!

May Christ be in the heart of everyone who thinks of thee,
Christ in the mouth of those who speak to thee,
Christ in every eye that sees thee,
Christ in every ear that hears thy words,
O blessed Pádraig, our father.

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