Thursday, March 17, 2005

More Kendalia Pics

Wow; some of these are prolly get the idea, though...

Inside of Chapel

Icon of Theotokos in Chapel "narthex," taken one evening before Canon of St. Andrew/Compline.

Close-up of Pantocrator and Synaxis icons

Close-up of Theotokos icon

Fr. Taxiarches calling the fathers and all visitors to service by rhythmically hitting a large, carved piece of wood (which, of course, has its own Greek name which I cannot remember for the life of me) with a mallet.

All the fathers, after breaking the Clean Monday and Tuesday fast following Presanctified this morning

A burial plot on the land..."give rest also to the souls of Thy servants, for Thou only lovest mankind..."


The young fogey said...

Beautiful pictures - very holy. The piece of wood being hit with a mallet is called a semantron.

David Bryan said...

Ah! Yes, that's it. Thanks, Serge.

paul t. said...

he thanks for the email the pics did turn out great!

paul t. said...

uhh I ment *hey* :)