Thursday, March 24, 2005

Second Thoughts

More about Terry...

I do believe that the "two sides" I wrote about are talking about profoundly different things.

The first--my indignation at Terry's being "terminated" before her body naturally gives out--was a reaction against a contempt for the life of a flesh-and-spirit human being made in God's image, a contempt on which our system of government seems to be habitually hooked.

The second--my frustration at the sickening congressional chess games over this issue--was a reaction against the fact that these men and women deny that their behavior is, indeed, hypocritical. For men to say that the Federal government should intervene in the issue of Terry Schiavo but not in the issue of abortion is just as much about an agenda--albeit, a much more life-affirming one--as those who claim the exact opposite. And then to say that this is about a one-time issue and that they're not saying the Feds should intervene in matters of life and death in a broad sense...well, of course they're saying that. It's just that, right now, the feds are intervening for the sake of the wrong side. Were the feds going the right way, the conservatives would scream for a constitutional amendment so fast it would astound us.

They've all got an agenda. Just be honest about it and save Terry and her family some dignity. Oh, wait...forgot who I was talking about there for a sec...

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