Tuesday, March 08, 2005

My Wife and I Must Be Annoying

Just finished reading an article--I know I probably shouldn't have; it looked like something on the cover of some mindless rag--"Why happy couples are so annoying," by Bob Strauss. It actually started out all right--funny really--he picks on the public displays of affection that disgust all those who've been in a relationship long enough to know better, he (rightly) discerns that those who engage in such conspicuous displays are doing so only because of their insecurity about themselves and their significant others.

Right on, Bob! But wait! The last sentence gave me pause: "
But don't despair: science has proven that "Happy Couplehood" has only a six-month duration (a year, tops), so they'll be immersed in the unpleasantness of everyday existence soon enough, just like the rest of us." What, this is my only other option?

I should tell Mr. Strauss that my wife of (almost) three years and I have far outlived this pathetically low standard of "Happy Couplehood." That, even though we know better now than publically to engage in (to use his examples) the cooing of pet names or baby talk or whatever it is that individual couples do in those tender moments, we very much continue most of our original "language" between ourselves--does Strauss think these things should cease to exist because of the "unpleasantness of everyday existence"? That people who do so must needs be annoying?

I know, I know; he's advocating the "Get a Room" reflex we all have when subjected to "New Couple Syndrome." But to say that it has to be replaced by unpleasantness, that the hum-drum aspect of life's most menial tasks has to drown out the affection--my goodness, how sad.

And furthermore, if, as is the case with my wife and me, a couple does, in fact, maintain a healthy private affection level between each other, could not we expect from ourselves a bit more tolerance--celebration, even!--of those moments when it spills out, bidden or no, into a moment in public?

Heaven forbid someone should be annoyed by affection!


Anonymous said...

Right on, Bryan! I happen to find you and Audra incredibly refreshing, not annoying in the least. You give the rest of us hope that happy, truly happy, couples do exist and that it's not all stuck in the PDA mode that most of us find both disgusting and fake.

Julie Ann

David Bryan said...

Hey, Jules!

Thanks for posting! And good to know we don't gross folks out...