Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Annex to the Blog

If you're observant, you'll see there's now a link underneath the icon at the top of the blog to the "Infamous Electronic Quote Book." This goes back to college days, when I would keep an ear out for random quotes that, if taken completely out of context and left devoid of any explanation for the reader, would either scandalize or cofuse the tar out of said reader. So on this livejournal you will see, every so often (maybe twice, three times a week depending on how random my students/wife/fellow parishoners/random guy at Wal-Mart is being. Quotes will be accompanied by the date they were uttered, and that's it. No utterer, no footnote explaining it away, hence the fun.

Oh, and I don't put in stuff other people hear and want me to post. Sorry.

Check it out if you like!


Rho said...

Darned if that first quote doesn't sound like it came from your wife!

David Bryan said...

lol...actually, no...I overheard it from two total strangers, so even I don't know the context!