Wednesday, June 29, 2005

O Santo Patrono Mío...

Today is my namesday!

Oh líderes de los apóstoles y maestros de las naciones Pedro y Pablo, interceded ante el Todopoderoso, que conceda al mundo la paz y a nuestras almas la gran misericordia.

First-enthroned of the apostles, teachers of the universe: Entreat the Master of all to grant peace to the world, and to our souls great mercy!


Ian said...

Happy Feast Day! Many, many years!

[And what a wonderful icon that is!]

Philip said...

­Muchos años, Pedro!

Santos Pedro y Pablo, oran a Díos por nosotros!

(By the way, this is ExOrienteLux from

Many years

olympiada said...

Congratulations on your names day! We had a beautiful service last night. The hymonography made me weep. I will post the icon and the sermon on my site later.
Is Spanish your first language?
I posted something for you on my site, The Blessing of Motherhood.

Mimi said...

Many years!

Aaron said...

First in prominence among the Apostles, and teachers to the Universe, intercede to the Master of all for peace in the world and for our souls great mercy.

David Bryan said...

Thanks, y'all!

Philip, aka EOL -- hey!

Olympiada -- no, I'm an anglo who's fluent in Spanish.