Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Spoken Thunder, Murmured Rain...

From today's post at the Yahoo! Group orthodoxdynamis (read the whole patristic commentary here).
St. Ephraim (d.373 AD)..."When our Lord took a little bread He multiplied it in the twinkling of an eye. That which people effect and transform in ten months with toil, His ten fingers effected in an instant. For He placed His hands beneath the bread as though it were earth, and spoke over it as though thunder. The murmur of His lips sprinkled over it like rain, and the breath of His mouth was there in place of the sun....The loaves of bread, like barren women and women deprived, became fruitful at His blessing, and many were the morsels born from them. The Lord also showed the incisiveness of His word to those who were accordance with the hunger of those who were hungry....His miracle therefore was measured by the hunger of the thousands, and it was victorious over the number of the twelve baskets."

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