Friday, June 03, 2005

Longing for Little One

We're having a garage sale tomorrow and Saturday--our desparate and hopefully fruitful attempt to get rid of some of the extra stuff that's accumulated round our house--and my mother, who lives here in town, was gracious enough to come help us...we just got done about fifteen minutes ago, and as she drove away, I caught a glimpse of the child safety seat in the back seat of her car (see, this is why grandparents living in the same city is a definite good thing: free, eager babysitters!). All of a sudden I had this intense longing to meet, to know, to touch and caress and kiss the soft, vulnerable head of someone I've never even seen face-to-face...only in a fuzzy, grainy, black-and-white image...yeah, she'll keep us up all night, yeah she'll scream for no good reason for long periods of time...yeah, she'll eat and eat and eat...and poop and poop and poop...but come on, child. Bring it. Make us a family, for reals.

I love you, Hope E. And I've not even seen your sweet face yet. Ven y estate con nosotros, mija.


Mimi said...

Oh, Bryan Peter - what an absolutely beautiful post! She is incredibly lucky to be so loved and cared for, before birth and of course after!

You and your dear wife are in my prayers as you embark on parenthood!

Ian said...

Very beautiful indeed!

I can't remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I have greatly enjoyed reading. About time I said so!

[BTW: what does [i]Ven con nosotros, mija.[/i] mean? -- Spanish (I assume) is not a language I know.]

David Bryan said...

Thank you both for the kind words.


The phrase Ven y estate con nosotros, mija--which was what I originally meant to type but was not able to correct until now--is indeed Spanish and it means, "Come and be with us, my daughter."

You know us crazy Spanish teachers; we'll pepper everything with a little Spanish...