Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Summer Work...Kinda...

So I get called out of my class today--first frickin' day of TAKS tutoring (see two posts down if you're new)--and am told that, since I am not technically certified to teach English, the district can't have me teaching these kids and prepping them for the test. Nevermind, I suppose, that I rocked the house (if I may say so) as an English major in college; my lack of a (frankly) silly little certification test precludes me from teaching these lovlies who, I must say, could be taught what they need to know by a reasonably bright high school student.

Ah, well...went by the Global Language Center here in Ft. Worth after the session was over (they let me finish so I'd at least get the hours in for today, which was nice of them), and promptly got signed up to do ESL classes! I'll only be subbing for some folks tomorrow, but afterwards I'll sit down with the bosslady, who'll get me going on some long-term, consistent classes. Sessions are five weeks long, and it sounds like business is booming, so while it may take a bit to get a real clientele going, this is at least something during what will undoubtedly be the most strenuous (and, financially, the leanest) summer of my life.

Prayer after finding out I was sacked:
O God, our help and assistance, who art just and merciful, and who heareth the supplications of thy people; look down upon me, a miserable sinner, have mercy upon me, and deliver me from this trouble that besets me, for which, I know, I am deservedly suffering. I acknowledge and believe, O Lord, that all trials of this life are given by Thee for our chastisement, when we drift away from Thee, and disobey Thy commandments; deal not with me after my sins, but according to Thy bountiful mercies, for I am the work of Thy hands, and Thou knowest my weakness. Grant me, I beseech Thee, Thy divine helping grace, and endow me with patience and strength to endure my tribulations with complete submission to Thy will. Thou knowest my misery and suffering and to Thee, my only hope and refuge, I flee for relief and comfort; trusting to Thine infinite love and compassion, that in due time, when Thou knowest best, Thou wilt deliver me from this trouble, and turn my distress into comfort, when I shall rejoice in Thy mercy, and exalt and praise Thy Holy Name, O Father, Sona nd Holy Spirit: now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

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Ian said...


Thanks be to God for the opportuniy at the Global Language Center. My prayers are with you.

[and thanks for the Spanish translation on the previous post!]