Sunday, April 17, 2005

The center of the land (we've got 3 acres, approx.) where we're building our new church and all-purpose building. The current project is the all-purpose building and the driveway (which is most of the staked-off brown area there in front). After these are finished, we will build the permanent Temple, Lord willing, with the A-P building serving as a temporary temple in its main area in the meantime.

The cross (seen in the first picture) we erected on top of the hill in the back of the property. Nice location, too, as when folks drive by it really "pops" against the sky. Hopefully it'll survive the 40 mph winds we're supposed to get from a storm later this week. By the power of Thy Cross, preserve Thine estate, O Lord...

The foundation for the Temporary Chapel/All-Purpose Building as seen from "Cross Hill."

The Rest of the 3 acres as seen from "Cross Hill." Thanks be to God!

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Emily said...

the water tower in the second picture isn't the one between 30 and Calmont is it? what's the address there? I really need to go visit your church sometime.