Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Psalms of David -- Psalm 24


This psalm, Fr. Patrick says, is basically a reflection of this one verse, and can encompass the entirety of our day, and indeed our lives:
  • We lift our soul to Him in the morning; the psalm is prayed before morning work, at Third Hour.
  • We ask Him to show us His ways, snatch our feet from the snares, and guard our souls; this goes on all day.
  • We ask Him to remember us in this psalm when we pray it at Compline at night, though it could just as easily fit when prayed in the nighttime of our lives, before death.
My own thoughts here:

Thought of what Fr. Patrick had said in Ps. 21, that this series of ten psalms (through 30) was prayed, we could assume, by Christ on the doubt that those who "transgress without cause" are the demons who scrambled to have Him crucified.

vv. 10-1 show a psalmist who recognizes that mercy and truth can be had only by those who fear the LORD...and that he, the psalmist, needs the LORD's pardon, for he does not fear Him as he should.

v. 13 is glorious...Christ, the One who fears and obeys the Father, will see His seed (that's the Church!) inherit the earth. May we be meek...wheat that grows in its place--not tares which must grow with the wheat within the Church, only to be winnowed apart and burned at the last due to pride and lack of love for God and neighbor.

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