Sunday, December 13, 2009

Many Years, Prayers

Send a "Many Years" to my beloved wife, Audra, who celebrates her birthday tomorrow. She can be reached at her blog, Just the Right Words (also in the sidebar).

May God also grant all us NYC Wootens many years on this, one of the two commemorations of our family patron, St. Herman of Alaska, shown to the right. His was a witness of forsaking material goods for love of the Word of God by which we truly live, and living that life amongst those who did not have it, yet wanted it when they saw the warmth of God in their "Apa." God grant us that same fidelity to His Word and the grace to live generously with all we're given. You can pray the Akathist to him HERE.

Prayers, finally, for yours truly, who will be starting finals tomorrow. I'll be signing off from the blogosphere between now and then, but your sending up a prayer or seven would be mighty appreciated.


Mimi said...

Many Years to your dear wife, my husband's birthday was yesterday.

And, prayers for successful finals

Janelle thegeekywife said...

Many Years to Audra. (I rather enjoy her blog, too!)

Prayers for both of you.

Convenor said...

It would be extremely kind if you could let your readers know about the latest issue of our journal 'CHRISTVS REGNAT', which makes some attempt to bring something new in the field of thought and study about our Catholic heritage, liturgical, cultural, historical, biographical, musical and, of course, spiritual:

You are also most welcome to link/follow/blogroll our blog:

Please pray for me!

May God bless you!

St. Conleth's Catholic Heritage Association (Ireland)

Fr. David said...

St. Conleth's,

If you can read this, please refrain from posting automatic or mass posts on my blog.

Anonymous said...

As someone who just finished my own finals I wish you the best on yours! I'm a new reader and enjoy your blog.